Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Covers & Reading Choices

Newer cover
Last night as I was reading one of the Lightning Thief books with my 10-year old daughter, it reminded me of the first time the book was introduced to me shortly after it came out. I was looking for a book for my pre-teen son and myself to read. Our local librarian recommended Lightning Thief. I took one look at the cover, and I had no desire to read it. Which is strange for me since I love reading children’s books, especially if they have plenty of action and adventure. I also enjoy fantasy and mythology. But the art cover turned me off. It looked old-fashion and faded. Still, I checked the book out for my son, which he read and enjoyed. Of course, Lightning Thief went on to become a huge success, in spite of what I thought about the cover. It's interesting though that when the publisher reprinted it based on its high demand, that they changed its cover with what I think is much nicer and appealing art.

Older cover
How does the cover art of a book affect you and your children’s reading choices? They say don’t judge a book  by its cover, but I think sometimes it’s hard not to. What do you think?

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