Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Curse of the Spam Filter

Spam filters are wonderful things when they keep all the unwanted garbage that would otherwise putrefy and clutter up your inbox. However, they can be a curse as well, keeping out wanted e-mails occasionally. I don't very often check my spam filter for e-mail that really isn't spam, but today a colleague of mine asked if I had been receiving e-mail from one of her colleagues. I hadn't, so I decided I better check my spam filter for it. The e-mail wasn't there, but there was a week-old e-mail trapped in there from a publisher "eager" to read the rest of one my manuscripts. If I hadn't happened to check my spam filter, in a few weeks it would have been purged and I never would have known of their interest.

So tip of the day, it pays to occasionally make sure your spam filter isn't blocking e-mail that you really want.

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