Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: The Beyonders

Guest blogger and teen girl reviewer reviews The Beyonders

Jason Walker has been thrust into a new world, a world full of cowards, fallen heroes and the malicious magician Maldor. His destiny has found him as he takes on an adventure to not only save himself, but this whole civilization from the kingship of the evil wizard. His plan: find the single word that can destroy Maldor.

Brandon Mull, author of the Beyonders as well as the best selling Fablehaven series, has created the beginning to a unique and entirely unpredictable trilogy. Full of excitement and sorrow, triumph and tragedy, Beyonders definitely entertains and meets expectations. It is well worth the read.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bugling Muscles

Spell checkers are wonderful things, but they’re no substitute for human eyes. The other day I was editing a YA novel I’m working on and discovered that one of my characters has “bugling muscles”. What do muscles look like when they are bugling? How does a muscle bugle? What songs do muscles play when they bugle? Even though my spell checker didn’t see anything wrong with muscles that bugle, I decided I preferred to have my character’s muscles bulge.

While keeping it clean, what are some of your funnier misspellings that the spell checker missed?