Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: False Prince

Wow! FALSE PRINCE by Jennifer A. Nielsen is a great read. Nielsen has developed a rich set of characters in FALSE PRINCE, especially in the protagonist named Sage, who truly comes alive in the reader’s mind with his mysterious depth and layers of complexity. As you peel back each layer of Sage’s intriguing personality, you find yourself rooting more and more not only for him to survive, but that he’ll turn the tables on his adversaries.

Coupled with the great character development, FALSE PRINCE takes the reader on an engaging adventure entwined with treachery, sword fights, deadly rivalries, royal secrets, and a daring plan to save a kingdom from civil war. Its delightful and surprising plot twists not only keep you guessing at the final outcome and cheering along the way, but leave you pondering on the story and its characters for weeks after. FALSE PRINCE is a prized selection you'll want to add to your list of middle-grade/YA books that boys will love. Oh, and girls will love it too.

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