Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: Ranger's Apprentice

When I asked a large group of librarians for suggestions on middle-grade books that would appeal to boys, one of the most recommended books was the RANGER’S APPRENTICE series by John Flanagan. In fact, one librarian said, “The books (RANGER’S APPRENTICE) fly off my shelf.”

So, the other day I read the first book in the series, THE RUINS OF GORLAN. As expected, RANGER’S APPRENTICE is full of adventure that will engage boy readers (and girls too) from ages 10 and up. But what I believe makes this book rise way above your typical adventure is the way Flanagan takes the readers deep inside the emotions of the main characters. Not only do the characters go on wild adventures that any boy would dream of, but it lets the readers feel and see how the two main boys in the book deal with boyhood trials common to today’s youth, including bullying, feuding friends, and acceptance by others. While I loved the action and adventure, its Flanagan’s focus on the trials and hardships of youthful relationships that makes RANGER’S APPRENTICE: THE RUINS OF GORLAN so exceptional.

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