Tuesday, April 3, 2012

15 Reasons for Reading Aloud to Children

In a follow-up to my interview with librarian and educator, Lisa Von Drasek, I've created a list of 15 reasons why reading aloud to children is important. Some of these come from my conversation with Lisa, others come from different social networks commenting on the interview and subject.

  1. Crucial to a child’s ability to learn to read
  2. Allows children to hear the sounds that make up words
  3. Builds vocabulary
  4. Provides a safe place for children to hear and live the lives of characters in a story
  5. Has a more emotional impact
  6. Positively influences the desire to read
  7. Builds attention span
  8. It's fun
  9. Improves listening skills
  10. Improves retention and learning for auditory learners
  11. Teaches children how to read with emotion, expression and dramatic effect
  12. Enriches child language skills
  13. Nurtures relationships between child and adult
  14. Gives adults insights into a child's world through the questions they ask
  15. Creates opportunities to talk about the book and subjects related to or beyond the book
Feel free to add to the list in your comments.

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