Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top 5 Ways to Get Children to Read - #5

Accept that Everything is Reading

It’s debatable where this concept really ranks. Some might say it’s actually the number one way to get children to read. But the truth is that one of the most powerful ways to get children to read is for parents, teachers, librarians, caregivers and others concerned with helping children become readers is for us adults to simply accept the idea that everything is reading, and then encourage that reading in children.

For parents, this requires making a wide selection of books available and accessible to children, including classics, adventures, mysteries, biographies, fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, sports books, humor, non-fiction, encyclopedias, and yes – even graphic novels and comics. But the idea of Everything is Reading is not limited to just traditional books or ebooks. It includes newspapers, magazines, websites, do-it-yourself manuals, even the back of cereal boxes and more.

The idea is to encourage reading of any type. That encouragement and acceptance can help kids to keep reading and might eventually lead them to gain interest in reading a wider variety of other types of reading material. The more a child reads, the more the child develops their reading ability and the better chance they have to succeed in school and life in general. To get them to read, be okay with what they’re already reading or want to read.

For more on the concept that “Everything is Reading”, read my interview with elementary school librarian and SLJ 100 Scope Notes blogger, Travis Jonker.

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  1. My daughter, a fifth-grader, is an avid reader. In fact, she's waiting for the next novels to come out in some of her favorite series. She reads craft books, the comics and other things too. We also enjoy listening to audio books together, usually while we ride in the car or I'm fixing dinner. How do you feel about audio books as another way to interest children in reading?

  2. I think audio books are a great way to get children interested in reading. On long trips in the car, we have listened to audio books with our kids. But even better than audio books is reading aloud to children.

  3. Hi Ken!
    I hope kids never lose a love for reading. I've given you the Liebster Blog Award. Hop on over to my blog to get the details! :) www.shaundawenger.blogspot.com

  4. Wow, Shaunda, I'm honored and I don't even know what a Liebster is.

  5. Hey ken, great list. But I have another one to add. Audio books. They're not as good as reading books, but they're far more engaging than tv. We downloaded quite a few for free on this site. http://www.twirlygirlshop.com/stories-for-kids. Just thought I'd share.