Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Reasons for Ebooks vs Printed Books

Tablets, eReaders and smartphones continue to drive the popularity of eBooks. Still, not everyone has moved to the digital age and some don't plan to anytime soon? Where do you stand on the ebook vs printed book debate? What factors motivate you one direction or the other? Share your opinions by taking a minute to take the quick polls below.


  1. For an international traveler, e-books are a god-send, not just because they are easier to carry, but you can quickly buy new books wherever you are in the world.

    The printed page has it hands down over displays when it comes to aesthetics. Book design is an art form (I am a designer) that enhances the experience. On the Kindle, every book looks the same, with the same layout and the same ugly typeface.

  2. Larry, great point about the travel convenience of ebooks and the aesthetics of printed books.

    As far as aesthetics go, while tablets with color help in that area, it's hard to beat having the physical illustrations in a printed book.